Themes of The Notebook:

Never give up on your dreams

-“You have taught me as well, and inspired me, and supported me in my painting, and you will never know what it has meant to me. My works hang in museums and private collections now, and tohugh there have been times when I was frazzled and distracted because of shows and critics, you were always there with kind words, encouraging me”. (page 205)
-"You did a wonderful job restoring it. It looks perfect, just like I knew it would someday.”” P. 41

Forbidden love

-“She said it so sweetly, so innocently, that Noah wanted to kiss her when she finished. But he didn't. Instead he fought the urge and pushed it back, knowing it wasn't what she needed.” (page 119)
-“But now, as she watched Noah rowing, she questioned this basic assumption. He exuded sexuality in everything he did, everything he was, and she caught herself thinking about him in a way that an engaged woman shouldn't” (page 106)
-“I am young and strong with passion in my heart, and I will break down the door and lift her in my arms and carry her to paradise”. (page 204)

Social status

-“You can't live your life for other people. You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love” (page 141)
-“She reached for the soap, lathered up, and began to shave her legs. As she did, she thought about her parents and what they would think of her behavior. No doubt they would disapprove, especially her mother. Her mother had never really accepted what had happened the summer they had spent here and wouldn't accept it now, no matter what reason she gave.” (page 19)