Comparison Movie-Book

Book or Movie?

As a group we believe that the book version of The Notebook does a better job at portraying the movies overall message and storyline. This is so because it is easier to take away themes and motifs for the book while the movie may just touch of them a few times throughout the film. I believe the book version is easier to take apart and understand because not having a visual forces the reader to think for themselves and make their own connections. One of the major things they left out of the movie was Noah's father dying. I think that they should have put this into the movie because it would add to the kind of man Noah is supposed to be portrayed as. I also found it interesting how the book would skip from the summer Alli and Noah spent together to the time they are spending together as they get older in the nursing home. In this case I like the movie version better because I feel like the book gave away whether Alli was going to choose Noah or Lon too quickly. Ultimately, the book version of The Notebook gave a better understanding about the underlaying messages throughout the book.

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