• Noah: "She could see everything she really wanted to see if she turned her head, but most of all she wanted to watch Noah. It was him she had come to see, not the creek." (pg 100)
    • Noah meant alot to Allie even though they had grown apart within the years. Through the years she was kind of in denial that Noah still existed, and after she saw the newspaper article about him and the house he finished rebuilding she decided to go visit him, not knowing of what would happen after that. On her trip up to his house she looked around noticing every little detail and every memory that was attached to that item, but truthfully the only thing on her mind was Noah.
  • Lon: "Almost noon, she thought. Where would he be? His office, probably....No. In court, she suddenly realized, and immediately felt as if she'd been released from her shackles. There was no way she could talk to him, even if she wanted to." (pg 95)
    • Although Allie was engaged to Lon her brain seemed to just, accept him. They would never have the type of relationship that Allie and Noah shared because Lon spends so much time in the office. Allie felt as though she was free now that she wasn't with Lon because when she is with him, or in the same town, she has to remain a certain image to the public because of his family name.
  • Art: "It was dynamic, dramatic. The more she thought about it, the more she liked it, and she considered buying it before she realized that she liked it because it reminded her of her own work." (pg 92)
    • Living in town with her family and Lon, Allie's dreams of becoming an artist had somewhat faded. She had forgotten the joy and the messages that artwork could portray. After Allie had seen a painting that she had found interesting, she decided to look further into the painting and discovered she liked it because it reminded her of her own work.
  • Future: "...and she caught herself thinking about him in a way that an engaged woman shouldn't. She tried not to stare and glanced away often, but the easy way he moved his body made it hard to keep her eyes from him for long." (pg 107)
    • Upon Allie's arrival to New Bern and her meetings with Noah, Allie found herself comparing much of the components of Noah and Lon to each other. It seemed with every element Noah just seemed...better. She questioned her true love for Lon and if it had ever even existed.


  • Allie: "And he made up his mind then not to lose her. He would do anything it took to keep her. She was everything he'd always needed, and he'd never find any other quite like her." (pg 82-83)
    • Lon had looked at Allie with more care and love than Allie would ever look at him. He saw her as everything he'd ever needed, and she had a good reputation as far as he had known, leaving his family image without harm. If Allie had gone off and ran away with a country boy of a lower class status that would harm his family name and him in general because he thought he loved her.
  • Family/Work: "In the four years they've dated, she'd become everything he ever wanted, and he knew he should spend more time with her. But practicing law made limiting his hours impossible. She'd always understood, but still, he cursed himself for not making the time. One he was married, he'd shorten his hours, he promised himself." (pg 81)
    • Lon knew that Allie was the one for him, but work had captured a large amount of his time and he was concerned that he is loosing her because they don't spend a large amount of time together. Lon decided that no matter what she said about her understanding, he was going to shorten his hours as soon as they got married. If Lon really wanted to start a family with Allie he knew he would have to risk his success and shorten his hours to complete the task.
  • Allie's past love: " But she hadn't smiled. She was angry. And then Lon guessed that she had loved that person far more deeply than her mother had suggested. Maybe even more deeply than she loved him. And now she was there. Interesting." (pg 82)
    • When Allie's mother was talking about Allie's relationship with Noah, he hadn't thought much of her anger of the topic being brought up, but now him noticing that Allie had taken a "stress break" to the town where Noah lived, he was beginning to think about the relation to him living there and their past love. Lon became to get more and more concerned what Allie was doing down there and his trust level began to fade as he followed with multiple phone calls a night.
  • Wedding: "It was the perfect excuse; everyone understood, including Lon, and that's why he hadn't argued when she'd wanted to get away for a couple of days. The wedding plans were stressful to everyone involved." (pg 32)
    • Allie had used timing against Lon in an excuse to get away and see Noah for one last time before she got married, thinking no harm would be done. Lon had agreed unknowingly, innocently thinking it was just antique shopping. Allie had other plans in mind though, not to the extent of Noah and Allie falling in love...but at least her seeing him and what could happen from there.

Allie's Mom

  • Money: "It wasn't that they didn't like you. They didn't think you deserved me." (pg 58)
    • Noah had thought Allie had moved away because Allie's parents didn't like him. Though the real reason for her parents rejection of him was not because they didn't like him, they had a problem with social status, and because Noah didn't live at the state that they were at, they rejected him. They thought he didn't have enough money to provide fittingly for her and therefore he didn't deserve her.
  • Family: "Are you okay?" her mother asked over her coffee cup. "You look a little pale.'" (pg 31)
    • I believe Allie's mom did care about her family, but she took it to an extreme sense to the point of choosing whether someone is good enough for the other relating to their social status. Such relating to the previous analysis about money.
  • Past: "It was a terrible thing for a girl to learn. that status is more important than feelings." (pg 59)
    • It is possible that Allie's mother had to learn the same lesson she did, that it is more important to marry for money, than for love. I think Allie's mom is trying to teach Allie that even though she is not fully in love with Lon, that she can learn to love him.
  • Social Life: "' I'm sure you think that I don't understand what what you're going through, but I do. It's just that sometimes, our future is dictated by what we are, as opposed to what we want." (pg58)
    • To me, this quote seems like by her mother saying "I understand what you're going through" maybe this had happened to her in her in the past, and that she had overcame it and now she is married to Allie's father. Although, if this had happened to her, why would she not just let Allie be happy with Noah?


  • Allie: "He thought about her then. He loved her, he was sure of that. Not only was she beautiful and charming, but she'd become his source of stability and best friend as well." (pg 81)
    • Noah had a tough life since Alllie left. His father died and he was in Europe fighting in the war for a few years. He dated a few women, but none of them could compare to the relationship between Allie and him. The summer they spent together was always in the back of his mind. Even after so many years and upon learning of Allie's engagement, Noah feels that nothing has changed between him and Allie and he still loves her as much as he did when they spent the summer nights together.
  • War: ""Fin dies in the war. His destroyer was torpedoed in fort-three." (pg 69)
    • Noah went to Europe to fight in the war for a few years. He enlisted with his childhood friend Fin who died right in front of his eyes. Noah can't help but think that his friends death was somewhat his fault. Although Noah does not like talking about the war, it will always remain in the back of his mind. The war made Noah a stronger person which is part of the reason Allie is attracted to him.
  • Fixing up house: ""Actually, I don't do anything but work on the house right now. It satisfies my creative urges."" (pg 57)
    • When Allie and Noah were young, Noah promised Allie that he would buy and fix up the old plantation house just for her. When Allie sees the newspaper article about Noah finishing the house many years later, she rushes to see for herself and falls back in love with Noah.
  • Kayaking and canoeing: "There is something special, almost mystical, about spending dawn on the water, he thought to himself, and he did it almost everyday now." (pg 87)
    • Kayaking and canoeing is something that is relaxing and enjoyable to Noah. It gives him time to think, especially about Allie. When Noah takes Allie out in the Canoe she realizes that she would rather spend the rest of her life with Noah instead of Lon and finds herself constantly comparing the two.
  • Dad: "Noah reached for his guitar, remembering his father as he did so, thinking how much he missed him." (pg 7)
    • Noah's dad was a very influential person on his life. He taught him a lot of life lessons and was there for him when his mother died. Noah remembers his father everyday and finds joy in sitting in his chair outside reciting poetry and playing guitar every night, like he used to with his father.